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ultra Energy-efficient - LOw Emission 
Heating Ventilation and Cooling Solutions 

indoor atmospheres for comfort, safety and well-being


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Building Performance Optimisation
Energy Modelling

Digital Twins

Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps


MEP Design

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Building Management
Solution for
SMART Buildings

Ultra High Efficiency HVAC Solutions

Air Duct Design 
and Optimisation

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about us

atomixAIR was created as a research project into human well-being back in 2012.

Today, with research and development running into millions of pounds we are installing atomixAIR, a revolutionary and patented technology that facilitates a superior indoor atmosphere whilst saving you up to 73% of the energy-related to maintaining your indoor environment.

atomixAIR optimises your comfort, safety,
well-being and saves you money.

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