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Air conditioning remastered from the atom up to deliver superior indoor well-being, safety, comfort and performance, combined with industry leading
energy efficiency and building emission reductions.

OAIRO atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion HVAC technology -

for superior indoor air quality, well-being and comfort.
Energy savings and building emission reductions.

OAIRO atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion (aDD) is a unique patented HVAC software technology.

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OAIRO atomixAir naturally delivers all the right numbers.

 up to


Energy Savings

 up to


Healthier Air

 up to


Funded Installation

No Client Capital Outlay Required 

These issues are all consigned to the past with OAIRO atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion HVAC technology.

Hot and cold spots
Poor air quailty
Pollutant pockets in the room
Stratification of gas and temperature
High velocity air blasting
High energy usage
High levels of building emissions
Unnecessarily high utility bills

OAIRO atomixAir - simple and easy to enjoy

Step 1

When OAIRO has been installed into your building, simply set your desired room temperature with the OAIRO wall-mounted digital controller or OAIRO mobile app.

Step 2

The OAIRO control system independently and automatically micro-controls 100% of your HVAC equipment and monitors the airflow balance through the zone to create the atomixAir effect.

Step 3

atomixAir technology naturally mixes the air with momentum, but comfortably into all areas of a controlled zone.

Step 4

The result is an entirely consistent and calm indoor atmosphere for you to enjoy, from floor to ceiling and every space in between.

OAIRO atomixAir balanced by science

for a healthier, calm and consistent indoor atmosphere, while saving significant amounts of energy too.

atomixAir saves energy and improves human well-being by eliminating convection bulk-air movement and harmful gas and temperature stratification, both of which create issues including hot and cold spots, chilly drafts and pockets of pollutants.

Patented digital micro-control technology delivers
energy savings of up to


enjoy OAIRO atomixAir comfort inside your building

OAIRO FUNDING - NO financial outlay option for your complete atomixAir HVAC installation


balanced for life

balanced for living

  • Energy savings of up to 73%
  • ASHRAE & International standard compliance
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Measurably healthier Indoor Air Quality
  • Superior Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 24/7 Alert and monitoring
  • Connected digital control
  • Systems support for life

balanced for saving

  • Shared energy savings
  • Off balance sheet funding
  • Energy Savings as a Service ESaaS
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Connected metering analysis
  • Building management and operation
  • Cost effective retrofitting
  • Financially secured for life

OAIRO - california - dubai - london

at work

at home

or away

breathe easy and save energy - with OAIRO atomixAir