10 years in the making

In 2015 the OAIRO brand was created to further develop a global marketing strategy.

OAIRO has focused on its partnerships with multi vendor software and hardware companies to create a total solution for our clients looking to enhance their buildings by making them Environmentally friendly and more importantly a healthy place to work and play.

Due to client requests, OAIRO has expanded into complete building management, finance and insurance solutions, matched with a philosophy for partnership over profit.

24/7 Monitoring, Analysis, Control, Reaction, Software Updates  and Reporting for the life of your contract

Energy Service Agreement - Software as a Service

OAIRO developed the “ESA SaaS” (energy service agreement - Software as a Service) for its clients to enable every building to be retrofitted with the latest technologies without consideration of client financial input.

The ”ESA SaaS” funds the installation from the new ENERGY SAVINGS or NEGAWATTS as we like to call them. 

The ”ESA SaaS” also provides the client with a complete piece of mind as OAIRO earns its revenues purely by sharing in the savings and so fully supports the entire installation, including software for the lifetime of the contract.

Our team of certified and trained engineers and technicians provide solutions to your every building and smart city energy requirements.

As you would expect from a partnership with one of the worlds leading Atmosphere (HVAC) technology companies with a global project pipeline of over $16 billion, brand and ethics are at the forefront of clients care.