atomixAir | science for savings

OAIRO atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion (aDD) saves energy and improves human well-being by eliminating convection bulk-air movement and harmful gas and temperature stratification, all of which create issues including hot and cold spots, chilly drafts and pockets of pollutants.


atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion results in a calm airflow removing the need for energy-consuming forced airflow measures to defeat convection and stratification, saving significant amounts of energy and eliminating associated poor indoor air quality, occupant health and discomfort worries.


OAIRO's intelligent, air management strategies and molecular gas law equations within the unique OAIRO control algorithm, optimises enthalpy–entropy balance, molecular mass and delta shear micro-vortex fractals to deliver atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion uniformly across the entire controlled indoor zone, for optimal diffusivity and accelerated thermal equilibrium.


The OAIRO aDD-HVAC software algorithm independently controls all aspects of the system based on real-time sensory information. This includes supply and return pressure, temperature, humidity, fresh air mixing, exhaust air extraction and zone molecular expansion ratio.


OAIRO's airflow strategy is two-fold. Stage One: OAIRO aDD-HVAC purges the controlled zone, rapidly and comfortably, filling the zone with atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion, bringing the controlled zone quickly into balance. Stage Two: The OAIRO software control strategy maintains atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion within the controlled zone, eliminating any possibility of convection bulk-air movement and stratification build-up.