Refresh your expectations of the vital indoor air quality in your building with OAIRO

Scientific research has shown that poor indoor air quality has detrimental effects on our health, well-being and cognitive performance. With this knowledge comes the responsibility to take control and understand the quality of the air you are breathing at work, at home or while staying away.


OAIRO aDD-HVAC improves human well-being by eliminating convection bulk-air movement and harmful gas and temperature stratification, both of which create issues including hot and cold spots, chilly drafts and pockets of pollutants.


OAIRO aDD-HVAC control software independently and incrementally manages the supply and return air within an indoor zone to create atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion (aDD). OAIRO aDD-HVAC maintains the indoor zone effectively at the air temperature and quality required with complete user control, utilising the OAIRO in-zone sensors and mobile app.


OAIRO saves energy

OAIRO's unique atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion provides the opportunity to refresh conventional thinking for all aspects of a dual-duct HVAC system, maximising the opportunity to save energy and emissions. OAIRO aDD-SERVICES provide the reassurance that your air quality, energy-saving and emission targets will be responsibly accomplished for newbuild installations or retrofit migrations.

OAIRO a refreshing way of living