OAIRO at work

Poor indoor air quality is detrimental to the health, well-being and cognitive performance of individuals, resulting in underperformance and absenteeism. Precision temperature and airflow control are vital to business environments, poor air control in an indoor environment will result in sick building syndrome, product or service underperformance and consequential loss.

OAIRO aDD-HVAC air management control incrementally manages an indoor zone to create atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion (aDD). OAIRO aDD-HVAC will maintain an indoor zone at a consistent temperature with optimal air quality. OAIRO aDD-HVAC saves vital amounts of energy and significantly reduces CO2 emissions and sick building syndrome worries.

With this knowledge comes the responsibility to take control and to understand the quality and stability of the air that your people and products are subjected to, every minute of the day in your business environment. An OAIRO aDD-HVAC solution will give you the understanding and power of control, demanded by today's rigorous level of corporate accountability.

Migrate your business to OAIRO aDD-HVAC for a responsible, profitable and air-safe future!