atomixAir Software

Unique HVAC Air Diffusion Technology​

atomixAir uses dynamic diffusion in the space, created and supplied by a central ducted air solution fitted with electronically actuated valves and micro-controlled equipment to create the most advanced and energy-efficient climate solution on the market (heating ventilation and air conditioning re-mastered).​

atomixAIR Dynamic Diffusion​

The ultimate HVAC comfort, purification and energy Efficiency solution. Improving human well-being and performance by eliminating convection bulk-air movement and harmful gas and temperature stratification, both of which create issues including hot and cold spots, chilly drafts, pockets of pollutants leading to fatigue and sickness.​


OAIRO aDD-HVAC software algorithm independently controls 100% of the HVAC system, based on real-time sensory information. This includes supply and return pressure, temperature, humidity, fresh air mixing, exhaust air extraction and zone molecular contractions and expansion ratios.​

Actionable Insight​

Control, visualize, optimize, compare trends, and create custom alerts to notify you the moment conditions move outside of your target criteria.

Available from just £0.01*per day per sqft ​

*Min area applicable