Energy Portal

Metering & Verification​

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting ​
via any SMART device to international standards​.

Intelligence gathering​

Our Power Distribution Monitor measures true energy at mains, sub-meter or at circuit and asset level.​

The PDM securely streams consumption data to our cloud-based platform in real-time. Providing valuable and timely insight in to where and when your business is using energy.

Circuit Monitoring​

Our high specification PDM’s can measure true energy from tens of circuits to thousands of circuits within a building. ​
It’s the equivalent of having 36 electricity meters ​
streaming live, within the physical space of two.

Compact and Expandable​

Measure consumption at circuit and asset level​

Securely streams data in real-time 

Available from just £2.99 *per day​

*Based on a 7yr SaaS agreement with monthly or quarterly payments