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24/7 Real-Time centralized insight to your environment.​

Evidence suggests that COVID-19 lockdowns have significantly improved outdoor air quality. In the north eastern U.S., NASA registered a 30% drop in air pollution. UK researchers believe cleaner air has saved thousands of lives. In China, meanwhile, a recent study even suggests that lockdown ​
“has saved more lives through improved air quality than were lost to COVID-19”​

Intelligence gathering​

The smart, all-in-one environmental sensor for forward-minded people concerned about their families health and wellbeing. ​


Seven environmental sensors, plus an intuitive online platform, and a customizable API interface, ​
The dashboard makes it easy to track real-time changes in your environment, manage your devices, and share valuable insights with building occupants.​

Manage your devices, update settings, and oversee multiple properties from one intuitive platform​.

Actionable Insight​

Visualize data, compare trends, and create custom ​
alerts to notify you the moment conditions move ​
outside of your target criteria.​

Available from just £0.99*per day