Building Efficiency displayed



FREEDOM to combine existing systems or create your NEW BMS, with BEM & BIM solutions.


Automatically collects and analyzes all forms of energy consumption.

Visually appealing graphics and charts guarantee a well-ordered and easily-understood presentation of the information you need.

OEnergy helps you to collect, archive, evaluate and visualise your energy consumption and enables you to realize substantial reductions in energy costs

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Bespoke Dashboards & FM operation

Property Energy Audits

Identifies relationships between weather data (average temperatures or degree days) and the energy consumption of buildings.
This tool performs regression using the sum of squares algorithm to measure the actual consumption against the predicted energy consumption. The multi-regression analysis option performs three independent linear regressions for heating, zero-energy periods, and cooling periods.

Energy contribution pie charts show how particular buildings, or zones contribute to the total energy consumption or cost.

Charts can be rotated, and segments highlighted for comparison.

Tool tips show what a particular segment represents, the consumption of individual areas, and the proportion of the total.


Allows you to group together a collection of meters for a particular zone, building, site etc.

This is a key component of the system providing valuable data for graphical representation of energy consumption, and peak demand for a range of different periods using either a single meter, or a group of sub meters.

Consumption and peak demand is automatically calculated for the current hour, last hour, current day, last day, current week, and last week.

The system keeps a record of the hourly energy consumption for individual meters, groups of meter, and calculated virtual energy meters.