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World Premier
of the AEV

airside energy valve

A unique and advanced adaptation of the
Variable Air Volume unit, the AEV operates
0-100% open without air drop* thanks to the
atomixair software control with Ai

Auto and Continual Airflow calibration

Airside metering & billing climate - atmosphere control

Manufactured in partnership with Barcol-Air & AirConcepts - Quality you know and trust

Atomic Air Technology under license with OAIRO Alliance Ltd

Presenting an incredible industry step change

The atomixAir Airside Energy Valve is an innovative, micro-control solution to optimise the indoor climate for comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

The atomixAIR advanced software, with Smart Micro - Air Control and Measurement controls airflow and Delta-T in a superior manner compared to traditional VAVs.

The precise control, low flow air measurement and extended airflow operating range eliminate the need to select from a long list of multiple VAV box sizes allowing for standardization and simplification of engineering design tasks while preparing buildings to be ready to adapt to tomorrow’s needs. 


  • Superior - high energy efficiency

  • Patented & unique software & process - gas law control

  • 100:1 turn-down ratio, without air drop*

  • Accurate flow measurement, 2.5% accuracy

  • Pre-assembled and pre-balanced equipment

  • Manufactured in partnership with Barcol Air & AirConcepts - Quality you know and trust

  • Large range of sizes, shapes, single or double skin (insulated) are available

  • SMART controller pre-loaded with software and graphics (fully programmable) IP - POE, BACnet, MSTP etc 
    iO Ports, Ethernet daisy chain. optional - WiFi extender.
    Lighting & Blind control capability

  • Auto & continual airflow calibration against the setpoint

  • Delivers exactly the amount of air and energy to negate the real-time loads

  • Enables tenant billing by zone-room

  • Available with a colour touchscreen sensor & control unit
    (Temperature, RH, CO2)


  • Saves money

  • Simplifies engineering design

  • Simplifies Installation

  • Reduces installation time

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • Enables room pressurization applications

  • Provides greater operation flexibility

  • Lowers noise

  • Delivers greater & superior comfort and air quality

* Must be installed and controlled on both supply & return with atomixair software

  • AEV by OAIRO
    comes fully assembled, with a factory-installed SMART controller, and calibrated airflow & temperature 
    measurement solution

  • Airflow & BTU measurement
    for energy awareness, control and tenant billing

  • Auto airflow calibration
    to flow setpoint + continual live commissioning

  • Modes of operation
    atomixAIR AEV - VAV or Standard VAV, Manual

  • Manufactured in partnership with 
    Barcol-Air & AirConcepts - Quality you know and trust

Screenshot 2022-12-24 at 13.29.12.png
Screenshot 2022-12-24 at 13.28.50.png

Unique and patented control software with Ai. Independant control of supply and return air based on atomixair gas law control.

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