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Building Optimization

A central London, 25-storey building demonstrated
Construction and Operational enhancements
savings of over £8.6m

through the highly detailed OAIRO IES Energy model with atomixAIR technologies

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OAIRO's team of building physicists and engineers produce Dynamic IES Digital Twins with high-resolution HVAC and Energy models.  This is the perfect way to predict your building's performance right from conception on the drawing board, through engineering design and specification, into construction and then monitoring in operation across its lifetime with all the data fed back onto a cloud-based dashboard for you to easily visualise from anywhere in the World.

The models include every aspect of the building, including fabric, glass, equipment, occupancy and site location weather data.

ESG - The Global Digital Twin Market size is expected to reach $63. 5 billion
by 2027 to fulfil the Corporate Environmental Social Governance
n by investors and Banks Worldwide


Rising at a market growth of 41. 7% CAGR during the forecast period.

Digital twins find their application in various end-use industries like construction, energy and utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and automotive industries

Digital Twins with high-resolution energy models allow you to analyse decisions for design, operation and occupancy prior to construction and thereafter throughout the operation, often showing immense saving opportunities through refinement and analysis.

High-Resolution Dynamic
Digital Twins with Energy Models
from as little as $2,999

The power of OAIRO
HVAC plant operational performance
analysis and sp
fan power.png
These are real-world examples of how zone optimisation with atomixAIR technologies, AEV units and digital HVAC plant modulation can affect the
energy consumption outcome
Would you invest your capital without assessing the outcome?

The Power of Performance data

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OAIRO Digital Twins MAYbe Synchronised with the Building Management System for
visualisation in your hand*

your building information on your smart device anywhere in the World, monitoring and ensuring your return on investment

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