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Atomix Dynamic Diffusion

Dynamic Diffusion

Does diffusion increase the rate of energy exchange and particle dissipation?


Diffusion can play a significant role in the exchange of energy across space. This is especially true when considering thermal energy. In the context of gases, this process is known as heat conduction.

Heat conduction is a form of heat transfer that occurs through the random microscopic collisions of particles and the movement of electrons within a body. Because the particles in a gas are in constant motion, when one molecule gains kinetic energy (e.g., from an external heat source), it will eventually collide with another molecule, transferring some of its energy in the process.


This transfer of energy from molecule to molecule continues throughout the gas, leading to a net flow of energy from the warmer region to the cooler region and visa versa.


Therefore, diffusion can indirectly speed up the exchange of thermal energy across a space, as it is the mechanism by which these particles are moving and interacting.

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