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owner occupiers

SAVE up to 50%off your Household
Heating Ventilation and Cooling costs

SMART technologies offer residents the ultimate in comfort, safety, well-being and energy efficiency.


The technology offered by atomixAIR brings a simple interface for you to control your entire property, along with all SMART devices. The system also clearly shows energy consumption in real-time with 24-7/365 analytics.

OAIRO has developed a full household solution with major global manufactures to deliver turnkey installations for Indoor Climate Control, Air Purification, Solar PV, Hot Water and EV charging.

The rising cost of living...

Nobody is escaping the misery this is causing or the increase in diseases caused by Air pollution, both indoor and outdoor!

5.4% of global deaths are caused by air pollution, it is essential to keep yourself and your family safe by ensuring your indoor air quality is fit for consumption.

Affordability, the installation of atomixAIR can often be negated through energy savings, delivering a benefit to all tenants.

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