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Fully automated indoor climate control
atmospheres for comfort, safety,
performance and well-being

Ultra Energy Efficient

Low Emission 

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Technologies for your building
30-73% HVAC-related energy and operational savings

Automatic and real-time continual commissioning


Wall sensors and Infrastructure

AirSide Energy Valve (AEV)
The AEV uniquely micro-controls supply and return air and
space e
nergy levels to optimise the atmosphere within the room.
Super & Hypersonic Molecular Motion.

A patented formula.

Floor Plan 

Visualising the potential data for each room
Temperature, CO2, Humidity, TVOC, IAQ score, Noise, LIght, Occupancy

floor plan  2022-10-17 at 15.21.43.png

Room view 

Visualising the potential data from each room
Temperature, CO2, Humidity, VAV Damper position and flow rate
Temperature setpoint adjust
VAV Information - Trend Charting


Airside Energy Valves  
Visualising of AEV-VAV unit performance data

AEV - A massive Step-Change for the industry


Visualising the potential performance data for each

room and piece of equipment
including energy and performance data

Configurable Charts - Configurable Timeframes 

HVAC Plant 

Air Handling Unit
Live data from unit sensors and equipment

Real-time incremental optimization of digital plant

Real-time auto-commissioning


Visualising the data real-time data from each unit
AEV - VAV Position, Command, Flow rate, Flow Setpoint


Visualising the potential sensor data from each room

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