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World Premier
of the OAIRO AEV

airside energy valve

A unique and advanced adaptation of the Variable Air Volume unit.
The AEV operates dynamically 0-100% open, without air drop*
based on supply air temperature ranges from 10º-50ºc (50º-122ºf)
The unique 100:1 operating ratio is only available due to the unique and patented technology
of atomicAir software control with Ai. Solely available from OAIRO and its partners.

The Solution offers Auto and Continual Airflow calibration with dynamic balancing

Airside metering & billing.
Superior Climate & atmosphere control, probably the most best automatic climate control in the universe.

Precise airflow control based on realtime demand ensures the unit provides the correct
temperature, and volume even when oversized

Manufactured in partnership with AirConcepts - Quality with precise air measurement you know and trust

Atomic Air Technology under license with OAIRO Alliance Ltd

Presenting an incredible industry step change

The atomixAir Intelligent Airside Energy Valve is an innovative, micro-control solution to optimise the indoor climate for comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

The atomixAIR advanced software, with Smart Micro - Air Control and Measurement controls airflow and Delta-T in a superior manner compared to traditional VAVs.

The precise control, low flow air measurement and extended airflow operating range eliminate the need to select from a long list of multiple VAV box sizes allowing for standardization and simplification of engineering design tasks while preparing buildings to be ready to adapt to tomorrow’s needs. 


  • Superior - high energy efficiency

  • Patented & unique software & process - gas law control

  • 100:1 turn-down ratio, without air drop*

  • Accurate flow measurement, 2.5% accuracy

  • Pre-assembled and pre-balanced equipment

  • Manufactured in partnership with Barcol Air & AirConcepts - Quality you know and trust

  • Large range of sizes, shapes, single or double skin (insulated) are available

  • SMART controller pre-loaded with software and graphics (fully programmable) IP - POE, BACnet, MSTP etc 
    iO Ports, Ethernet daisy chain. optional - WiFi extender.
    Lighting & Blind control capability

  • Auto & continual airflow calibration against the setpoint

  • Delivers exactly the amount of air and energy to negate the real-time loads

  • Enables tenant billing by zone-room

  • Available with a colour touchscreen sensor & control unit
    (Temperature, RH, CO2)


  • Saves money

  • Simplifies engineering design

  • Simplifies Installation

  • Reduces installation time

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • Enables room pressurization applications

  • Provides greater operation flexibility

  • Lowers noise

  • Delivers greater & superior comfort and air quality

  • Makes you money - BTU billing

* Must be installed and controlled on both supply & return with atomixair software

  • AEV by OAIRO
    comes fully assembled, with a factory-installed SMART controller, and calibrated airflow & temperature 
    measurement solution

  • Airflow & BTU measurement
    for energy awareness, control and tenant billing

  • Auto airflow calibration
    to flow setpoint + continual live commissioning

  • Modes of operation
    atomixAIR AEV - VAV or Standard VAV, Manual

  • Manufactured in partnership with 
    Barcol-Air & AirConcepts - Quality you know and trust

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Screenshot 2022-12-24 at 13.28.50.png

Unique and patented control software with Ai. Independant control of supply and return air based on atomixair gas law control.

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