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A Healthy education

creating superior Environments
for learning and Mental well-being 

atomix technologies deliver superior indoor environments for students to excel.

Our classroom solutions ensure the best possible air quality and atmosphere to enhance comfort and cognitive function, increasing learning potential and examination results.

Research has proven that by maintaining indoor CO2 levels below 800ppm enhances cognitive function by up to 299%.

Opposingly, suffering CO2 levels over 1000ppm drastically reduces cognitive function, attention levels, and can cause nausea, headaches, spread of infection and absenteeism.

IAQ cog function chart.png
IAQ Cognitive function.jpg

Maintaining a superior indoor atmosphere has significant health benefits, and reduces sickness and absenteeism.

Through testing many facilities World Wide it has become apparent that air quality in the lower areas of a room, say desk level or lower have very significantly higher CO2 levels - often up to 5000ppm, This greatly affects younger children.

It is advisable for occupants carry a personal sensor, if one is not already provided in the space.

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