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atomixAIR Difference

The issue

Conventional HVAC solutions lead to convection flows in the space, these flows absorb around 40% of the energy and thus contribute heavily to the energy demand.  Furthermore, due to the poor mixing ability of these bulk air movements, we need to supply a considerable amount of extra "transit" air, this air must be processed (heated/cooled/pumped) wasting yet more energy.

The Solution

atomixAIR dynamic diffusion


by sensing the room's atmospheric environment in real-time using our high resolutions sensors. The atomix software ai module computes our unique gas law equations to optimise the molecular activity and energy exchange within the room.
The computation releases the atmospheric gas molecules from the constraint of gravity and air pressure, in order to accelerate their molecular velocity.

The higher the molecular velocity, the greater the collision ratio, the faster energy is exchanged.

By optimizing the atmospheric conditions, atomixAIR generates molecular freedom, with less molecular bonding, comes more rotational spin and greater randomisation of the direction of travel, creating accelerated Brownian Motion - "diffusion".  This also breaks down pathogens and particle sizes.

The faster the gas molecules travel the greater the collision ratio, the greater the randomisation and exponential exchange of energy.

Features...   Superior energy efficiency,  Uniform atmosphere,  Comfort,  No Drafts
Atomic Air Technology under license from OAIRO Alliance Ltd


Convection (Sea level physics)
Lighter (less dense), warm air rises while heavier (more dense) cool air sinks. 
It is this movement that creates circulation patterns known as convection currents, which consume energy.
Why is there a difference in density? Molecular velocity directly affects molecular bonding, viscosity and controls density and the transport properties, thus creating convection. 
The bonding is caused by intermolecular reactions as a result of reduced molecular velocity caused by pressure and gravity."Bulk flow" is the movement/flow of an entire body due to a pressure gradient (for example, air coming out of a grill/diffuser).

Dynamic Diffusion

Dynamic Diffusion - PATENTED BY OAIRO
Diffusion is the net flux of molecules from a region of higher concentration to one of lower concentration,  
in this case Hot to Cold or Visa Versa.
A distinguishing feature of diffusion is that it depends on particle random walk, and results in mixing or mass transport without requiring directed bulk motion, exchanging kinetic energy through molecular collisions.

Atomix Diffusion.png
AtomixAIR utilises the principles of gas laws and kinetic molecular theory to optimise the kinetic and potential energy in a space.

atomixAIR Accelerated Thermal Equilibrium physics uniquely balance the entropy and enthalpy on a real-time basis to optimise molecular velocities.

why does Diffusion save energy & money

Diffusion is radically faster at exchanging energy and creating a uniform indoor atmosphere. 
This means your target comfort and air quality is reached with the minimum of dynamically controlled processed air!

The less air we process, the less we have to pump,
heat or cool. 

Typically atomix dynamic diffusion reduces airflow requirements by up to 82%, and chilled water by 67%, whilst the uniform molecular mixing dramatically reduces the amount of fresh air that is traditionally required in the conventional systems to meet air quality targets, this is due to a reduction in transit air.
atomixAir typically operates at an IAQ - CO2 level of 500-800ppm (user configurable)

initiation of atomixair

Initiation of the atomixAIR process…
Delta T of supply air vs ambient air+ Real-time prediction and micro-control of the adiabatic expansion and contraction of gases.
The atomixAIR gas law equation computes and controls 100% of the AEVs and HVAC system components to deliver the correct Energy level (Temperature), Volume and Mass (TVM) of supply and return flows, to create enhanced levels of Brownian Motion to accelerate the thermal equilibrium in order to meet the desired space setpoints.
The Brownian motion and velocity of the molecules act to mix the environment to a uniform state using kinetic energy rather than forced mechanical energy from fans.
Result - BAAM (Balanced Active Air Mass)



INSTALL OAIRO-DISTECH building controls with atomixair software
"HUB" controllers and "ROOM KITS"
INSTALL AHU/ERV with independant supply and return fans with VFD or EC fans, AtomixAIR sensor set to be controlled by the "HUB"
INSTALL atomix AEVs, together with atomixAIR controllers from the "Room Kit"  (contact us for options)
INSTALL DX/VRF or CHILLERS with incremental control
The system synchronizes 100% of the real-time demand and response 
Automatically controlling and optimizing all the equipment.  Auto Commissioning Continually to the design parameters.
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