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create superior Buildings that excel in
human well-being, Efficiency & profitability 

atomix technologies offer Architects enormous flexibility to develop the ultimate in energy-efficient structures for occupant well-being and owner profitability. 

A building should be both form and function, offering its occupants a safe heaven to work, rest and play.


Rarely has there been such an opportunity to create structures that can bring joy and well-being to their occupants, whilst playing a sustainable part in the future of our planet.

Utilising our high resolution energy modelling and digital twin services enables you to select the best possible position, angle to the sun, fabric, glass U values and occupancy based on real-world dynamic simulation every 6 minutes 24/7-365.

The range of unique OAIRO technologies increase the buildings operating performance, flexibility and profitability.

If Net Zero or low emission buildings are your goal, our building physicists will be delighted to assist you, contact us for more information.

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Frequently asked questions

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