Angel Air 

angel air

Indoor pathogen control ​
99.9% effective against harmful Viruses, Bacteria, ​

Mold and Fungi​​

Angel Air is an unobtrusive environmental treatment system that uses ultraviolet light (UV-C) to automatically and continually treat the air.​

Clinically tested​

Peer-reviewed and proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful Viruses, Bacteria, Mould and Fungi.  ​

Designed directly into a traditional ceiling light fixture to Purify 22,653lts of indoor air every 15 minutes.​


Angel products have IOT integration, connecting directly to our Cloud and powering the devices with onboard intelligence.​
This connectivity gives system administrators the most accurate real-time data and facility-specific notifications from all of your UV Angel devices. This critical information can be accessed via computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world.  ​

Available from just £2.99* per day ​
or £3.50 per day when bundled with a WELLNESS Sensor ​

(Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOCs, PM2.5, Ambient Light  & Ambient Noise)

Angel Clean

Walk in Sterilising Booth Solution​

99.9% effective disinfectant

Sanitizing/sterilizing booth system for various applications at every commercial, residential, OR industrial facility across the nation is now one of the musts of essential requirement to control the spread of COVID19.

Sanitizes clothing and skin ​

Smart temperature measuring system ​

(with thermal camera and voice instructions and commands)​

Sagewash™ Sanitizing System for people, vehicles or goods.

Clinically tested​

European Standards: EN 1276, EN 1656 & EN 1650​

Environmental Protection Agency Registration #1258.808.84988​

Approved under Annex A1 EBPD (European Biocide Products Directive) as an active substance in Directive 98/8/EC.​

Approved for use around food, human, animal & water​

The registered CAS # 7748-54-3, EC # 231-908-7, UN classification #1748​

Food & Drug Administration listed in the Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR178.1010​

Danish Agricultural Authority # 2009-20-5409-00008​

Dubai Municipality- Public Health & Safety Department & Food​

Control Department - Registration # CPRE-2015-014177

Available from just £2.99*per day ​
plus £0.10 per person passing through

atomixAir Dynamic Diffusion Sanitization